How you look after your tattoo once it is finished is important!

After 1 hour remove dressing and wash with warm soapy water (a hot shower is fine) and pat dry, then leave for 30 minutes.

The cream we recommend for your tattoo is Bepanthen.( We recommend  reading the ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to anything it contains) Apply a thin layer on your new tattoo after the 30 minute period when it has been washed. Repeat the same procedure before you go to bed.

From day 2 wash your tattoo at least twice a day and apply Bepanthen 3-4 times daily making sure you do this with clean hands. Repeat this procedure every day until the tattoo is fully healed. Do not let the tattoo dry out.

if your occupation involves cement dust, dirt , grease etc we recommend that you should apply Bepanthen and then wrap your tattoo with Clingfilm (plastic food wrap) and keep covered for your duration at work. This will help to keep your new tattoo clean and free from dirt then repeat cleaning process after work.

Do not pick the scab when your tattoo is healing, it will pull colour out.

Do not sunbathe or use sunbeds while tattoo is healing.

Do not swim or soak tattoo for long periods (showers are fine)

Do not get tattoo dirty when healing, especially cement dust.

After your tattoo has healed, to keep colours lasting years longer, apply sunblock when exposing tattoo to strong sunlight or sunbeds.